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We believe in approaching every project with passion, enthusiasm, and a fearless attitude to explore the unknown. We create and deliver exciting brands, vibrant identities, outstanding websites and refreshingly creative concepts.

EmptyBoxOverflowing Design Studio is a creative agency built to help authentic brands and passionate entrepreneurs position themselves competitively in the contemporary marketplace.

We aim to add freshness, vitality, and energy to your message in a meaningful way that effectively connects and resonates with your audience.

EmptyBoxOverflowing Design Studio specializes in helping brands and companies convey their ideas and information through effective visual communication.

Our Services

Our services include graphic design projects such as logos and flyers, as well as website design, social media layouts, and marketing and promotional campaign support.

Graphic Design
Graphic Design
Web Design
Web Design
Social Media Design
Social Media Design
Social Media Promotion
Social Media Promotion

Great Leadership

We recognize that there is an unmet desire to collaborate and connect with artists and designers who “get it” – who are willing to fully immerse themselves in bringing your ideas to life.

We love innovation! And we love being innovators! Nothing excites us more than following our inspiraton to create art.  EmptyBoxOverflowing Design Studio bridges the gap in communication between designer and client.

Our leadership possesses an exceptional ability to help our clients clearly articulate their ideas and bring their idea into full conception and final delivery.


Chernise Harris
Chernise Harris

Chernise Harris

Owner/Project Manager

“Our art is to inspire hope, love, dreams, joy, life, faith, and peace.”

Innovative and brilliant are often the words used to describe one of this decade’s most promising young entrepreneurs, Chernise Harris. She dedicates herself to providing her clients and colleagues with excellence: “Doing the best job the right way with a refreshingly creative approach.”

Chernise is one of the best of the best at developing and implementing strategies for fellow entrepreneurs and small businesses that not only makes sense, but also make dollars. Yet, it is her astute attention and care to exceed client and end-user satisfaction that is often spoken of when her reputation precedes her.

With a one-of-a-kind personality, winning mindset, and genuinely enthusiastic spirit, Chernise Harris will surely leave a lasting and favorable impression within your organization.

Feature Designer of the Month

Szekeres László
Szekeres László

Szekeres László

Graphic Designer

“My name is Szekeres László and I’m a graphic designer, with many years of experience. My “designer career” started when I was 4 and I drew tons of cows and horses… Since then I developed my ability, until graphic design became my passion and my job as well.

I try to give my best to every job and provide logos that make our clients happy and help their companies grow and be recognized easily.

My style is more of a simplistic and clean one, but at the client’s request I can provide more complex and colorful designs too.”


Check Out Some of Szekeres’ Work Below


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